Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Team Blue Team

To bring change we all need to stop blindly accepting empty campaign promises and believing they will actually be fulfilled by actors that sooth our needs for a hero to save us. Until our belief system of the red team and blue team is broken and we reject the corporate agenda there will never be change. This swine flu is looking like another money making scheme preying on public fear. Thirty thousand die of flu every year in the U.S. alone. Now think about who declared the state of emergency? Who really wrote the healthcare bill that we still haven't seen? Who wrote the cap and trade bill about to go to the senate? Why is the government bailing out banks with special connections to Geithner who worked at the Fed and Goldman Sachs while leaving us with a devalued dollar and the inflation to come. Do you know the truth here or are you trusting the corporate media that is telling you lies that work on your emotions so you separate yourself from those that don't agree with you even if you were friends for years before? Have you really looked at both sides of these issues and further have you looked independently at alternative information? Have you thought about this on your own and made up your mind on these issues based on facts? Now ask why all this is happening at once and why there is no transparency that was promised?

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