Saturday, November 21, 2009

Simply Balanced

The sun rises and sets. Nature is simply a balance of energy. Good and evil... Spirituality is a balance of the meta- physical universe. The perceived unknown consequence. However, all you need to do is observe the universe to understand our mortal fate. Energy is transferred not destroyed. As our physical extension into this universe emerges then peaks and slowly fades into the night we only transform into the next metaphorical sunrise. Enjoy this life and do God's, the creator's, whatever's work. You know what is positive and negative and so does the universe.

The universe is about to bring balance to the world and it will be an incredible shift in energy. Those that interfere with the natural balance of energy by taking life for material gains have created a bubble that must release. As the night sets on this evil and a new way begins let knowledge lead the way because secrecy had its day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Toys in the Attic

Predatory Emotions!

Tonight I'm staying home and watching T.V. because I'm sick of my friends and they are sick of me. I'm so tired of hearing about their problems... don't they know I have my own? Crap... there is nothing on this stupid box. I mean what do I care if he gets that promotion? Big deal he gets a dollar more and hour. I'm going to get a killer job when I move up north and...

What did I doze off? I must have but Leno is still on so it couldn't have been that long, hmm? It sure got cold and dark in here. What is going on outside?

A cold chill came over me and I slowly focused my tired eyes outside the door. A deep cold emerald green dim light called to me with longing and perseverance. I could feel my blood surging like the tides with long ribbons pulsing gently back and forth deep in the dark green light. Like any prey that is hunted I leaped! Then froze cowering behind the couch. Is that kelp? And there it was... a big black eye slowly sliding across the glass as to be peering in looking for me. I didn't breath... but the beating of my heart gave me away. A massive white shark looked right at me and I turned stone cold as if Medusa's eye was staring me down. Just as I thought I as going to crack and make a run for my room it vanished as fast as it appeared. I didn't move.

I stared at the back of my hands for what seemed like a minute then by instinct crawled to my room and hid under my covers. My blood was starting to move again as I thawed from the shock of fear. I slowly pulled the covers down and thought I must be dreaming but that didn't stop me from going to the closet and getting a shotgun. I couldn't load it... it was jammed, corroded, rotten from the sea. The sense of urgency built as I fumbled with the ammo. Then crack! The ceiling came down and the water filled the room like black oil I couldn't see a thing. I pulled myself into the closet and could feel the water thrash from the giant fish closing in on me. I needed air! I looked for the back of my hands again and only saw black. Then the shark somehow thrashed the water and the force yanked me back into the room. Scratching at the walls!

I screamed as I woke jumping up off the couch! Not even looking out the glass door I walked straight to my room and got in bed thinking, I don't even own a shotgun.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Then moon is bright and Chomps is out tonight. Beware little kitties and don't stay out too late because he will swoop down and have you on his dinner plate. If you hear his hoot there is no reason to fear but the silence will tell you that he's near. So stay inside or near the bright light because Chomps is out tonight!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Team Blue Team

To bring change we all need to stop blindly accepting empty campaign promises and believing they will actually be fulfilled by actors that sooth our needs for a hero to save us. Until our belief system of the red team and blue team is broken and we reject the corporate agenda there will never be change. This swine flu is looking like another money making scheme preying on public fear. Thirty thousand die of flu every year in the U.S. alone. Now think about who declared the state of emergency? Who really wrote the healthcare bill that we still haven't seen? Who wrote the cap and trade bill about to go to the senate? Why is the government bailing out banks with special connections to Geithner who worked at the Fed and Goldman Sachs while leaving us with a devalued dollar and the inflation to come. Do you know the truth here or are you trusting the corporate media that is telling you lies that work on your emotions so you separate yourself from those that don't agree with you even if you were friends for years before? Have you really looked at both sides of these issues and further have you looked independently at alternative information? Have you thought about this on your own and made up your mind on these issues based on facts? Now ask why all this is happening at once and why there is no transparency that was promised?